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Could the workplace pension have a major effect on the locum industry?

Written by Scott Taylor  |  20 August 2016

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There is a major discussion going on at present within the optical industry as to if a locum (or any temporary) member of staff should now entitled to a pension.

Depending on how an employer is paying their locum could mean the difference as to how government determines whether the locum is entitled to a statutory pension

And can you just imagine the knock on effect should it be decided that employers are now going to need to pay between 1% to 3% of their rates as a pension

Based on a daily rate of £350, the average full-time locum is now on a “wage” of around £90,000, meaning they could now be entitled to a minimum of £1,810 (1%) to £5,430 (3%) in pension

How will this extra cost effect the value of having a locum on-board? And the other question to ask, is how many locums will be looking to contribute between £5,430 and £9,050 towards their pension?

One employer tells us “locums are not employees so will not come under the same rules

Guess we will all find out soon enough!