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UK Drivers neglecting the importance of an eye test

Written by Sam Hardcastle  |  02 November 2017

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Eyesight is a major factor when it comes to driving, being aware of your surroundings and staying alert is crucial. Yet, almost a fifth of drivers in the UK admit to never having had an eye test in a report published by Vision Express.

The company behind the Staycation 2017 campaign aimed to raise awareness of the importance of regular sight tests for drivers, after research suggested that more Brits would choose to holiday in the UK this year, using their vehicles for long distance trips.

Visiting Welcome Break service stations across the country, including Keele, Gordano, South Mimms, Sarn Park and Woodall, top brand optical store Vision Express offered drivers free eye test vouchers, eye screenings and advice on being road-safe, in support of road safety charity Brake’s ‘Driving for Zero’ initiative.

The figures for this summer’s campaign revealed neglect for road safety among UK motorists. Over three quarters (78%) of those screened at the stations were found to be overdue an eye test, with 37% admitting to not having been tested in the last 10 years and  fifth (16%) confessed to never having had an eye test.


(source: https://www.opticianonline.net/news/uk-drivers-neglecting-importance-of-eye-tests-says-vision-express)