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Visioncare At Home

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Who are they?

Visioncare at home are one of the most important eye care service providers delivering domiciliary eye-care  to those who need it the most.

Visioncare not only attend regular visits to those who cannot attend their local optician i.e. the disabled and the elderly. but they growing in all directions, with more and more vacancies coming up each day.

Why work with Visioncare At Home?

Well there are more than enough perks that when you work with Visioncare At Home:

  1. Salaries in the region of £50k
  2. An excellent bonus package
  3. 30+ days holiday

Visioncare are always looking to add new members to their growing team and train individuals into professionals… it’s what they’re best at! 


That’s why at Inspired Selections we are happy to be partnered up with a hardworking team of professionals that share the same vision as us and want each candidate to take the next step in their career…

Still not convinced?

Call in and speak to one of our Inspired Selection Specialist optical consultants to find out more on: 0121 778 6999

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