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Valli Opticians

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Who are they?

Valli Opticians are a huge optical chain with a unique, personal touch to everything they do.

Having been established for over 10 years, it has become one of the more popular local establishments and is starting to turn into a hotspot for those looking to further their career in Optics.

A typical Valli Group practice stands out for a number of reasons, not only does it have the clinical expertise that each optical practice should have but also the ability to make each patient smile about receiving optical care which isn’t easy to do.

It is important to have a common goal for your company, which is why Valli have on clear ambition.. to ensure that each of their patients have a positive experience of receiving eye care.

They have 14 practices based all over the UK (from Lancashire to Yorkshire to Greater Manchester) however they have kept the Valli Group motto the same throughout.

Their consistent high quality service is what has made them the figurehead in the world of optics and keep expanding the company brand.

Valli believe that their eye care checks are just a small part of the customers overall experience. they make each customer feel comfortable, and take time finding the RIGHT glasses for THEM.



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