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Optician saves schoolboys life after doctor misses brain tumor

Written by Scott Taylor  |  01 July 2016

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Schoolboy Osian Jones from Caernarton, Wales was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor following a visit to his local optician.

Osian had previously visited the doctor who diagnosed his symptoms as a result of stress due to his exams.

But after weeks of headaches and migraines Osian started getting double vision and decided to visit his optician for a second opinion.

Once examined by the optometrist he was told to go straight to the local hospital for tests. Following these tests, the 16-year-old was told that he had a tumor growing on his brain.

Speaking to the local press, Osian said “after a week or so of severe headaches, I felt I had no choice but to visit the optician as it was just so unusual because I don’t normally suffer from migraines or anything like that

This brings up a number of questions. Are doctors under too so much stress and time constraints? Is it better to visit an optician if you are experiencing headaches or migraines?

It has been known for years that an eye test can reveal so much more than just if you need glasses, but it could now be a life changing decision.