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When to talk salary in an interview

Examples: How to discuss salary, What should I wear? How early should I arrive?

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When is the best time to ask about salary? How should I respond when the interviewer asks about my salary expectations?

These are some of most asked questions here at Inspired Selections. There is no point attending an interview if all parties salary expectations are too wide of the mark.

Speaking about your salary straight away in an interview may also affect your chances of being successful before you have had the opportunity to sell the interviewer your skills and value. You may also ask for a lower salary than what you may have been offered, so the right moment to talk about salary is very important for both candidate and interviewer.

Depending upon the role, organisation and salary, you may need to take different approach. A vital time to talk about salary is when you want to work for the company in question, there is no point discussing the salary if you are not interested in the role.

Be honest with your Inspired Selections consultant during your interview preparation so this doesn’t happen, and also ask your consultant what the company salary expectations are.

What if the interviewer asks me first about my salary expectations?

There are ways of answering this question without giving a figure, some examples below may be:

  • I am flexible on my salary requirements but due to my experience and skill set I feel I would be looking at the higher end of the banding.
  • Should the role be suitable and all parties are happy I’m sure we can negotiate on the salary, can I come back to the question later in the interview?
  • I would like to be paid fairly for someone with my experience and skills that I will bring to your role
  • Money is important to me, but not the only factor; if you don’t mind can we come back to the question after we discuss more facts about the role.

Alternatively, try turning the question around by asking what the salary range is for the position you’re being interviewed for. Most companies are more than happy to share this with you.

Your salary expectations need to match your level of experience for the role and normally should be above or at the same level of your current salary, but be careful not to add too much as an interviewer may be put off by a dramatic increase in salary.

Never lie about your current salary as you might be asked to provide previous wage slips or a P60.

Look at the bigger picture

Take into account the bigger picture, it’s not just the basic salary on offer. Your potential employer may offer a range of benefits as part of your employment package. Some benefits can be found below:

  • Professional insurance
  • Private medical insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Company pension plan
  • Paid sick leave
  • Company car
  • Bonus
  • Discount cards
  • Relocation expenses
  • Mobile phone
  • Atmosphere
  • Uniform
  • Maternity/ Paternity leave
  • Gym / Health club / Fitness membership
  • Further education courses
  • Course fees paid
  • Life Insurance

Further tips

  1. Ask your Inspired Selections Consultant regarding the salary expectations of you and the company
  2. Sell yourself in the interview, what you will bring to earn a higher salary?
  3. Look at the bigger picture
  4. Most importantly, don’t be nervous to talk about the salary. It is a major factor in your next role

Most importantly – don’t be nervous to talk about the salary. It is a major factor in your next role

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