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Tackling shyness in your interview

Examples: How to discuss salary, What should I wear? How early should I arrive?

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Here are some great tips for those who those of a shy nature or any candidates who feel anxious when placed in an environment that is out of their comfort zone.

Use visuals

Visuals can sometimes do some of the talking for you in situations where you feel you are lost for words

  • Try to bring to an interview a selective sample of your work achievements such as your sales awards or your certificates.
  • Do you have any letters from a previous employer giving you praise for your work?
  • Do you have letters from any clients highlighting your customer service?
  • Can you gain access to any charts or graphs showing your achievements within a team?

Create a success sheet

Can you create a one page document that highlights your top ten achievements? Each one should be followed by a short description of how it was achieved. You can use this sheet as a form of reminder when asked questions about your past.

This sheet can also be used as a prompt when you draw a blank to a question which may be answered by your past achievements and skills

Buy yourself some time

Try to practice some phrases that will buy you some time and allow you to gather your thoughts.

This could be as simple as “that’s a very good question please let me think about that” or one of my favourites “could you tell me why that is important to you” or “could you elaborate on that question”

This will allow you to not only buy some time to also ensure you have fully understood the questions.

Have a questions book

Even confident people clam up sometimes and towards the end of an interview it is easy to just go blank when the interviewer asks “do you have any questions?

Good questions not only demonstrate that you have given serious thought to the job role but it also shows that you have taken time to prepare for the interview.

Remember, the questions you prepare are also a reflection on yourself and your value to the interviewer, so make sure there are plenty of questions that both parties benefit from for example “what are the key strengths needed to be successful here?” not just “so what is the salary package?”

The best way to achieve all of the above is to carry with you a small notebook and when question time arises just pull out the notebook.

Remember – preparation is the key to a successful interview.

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