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Structuring the correct answers for your interviewer

Examples: How to discuss salary, What should I wear? How early should I arrive?

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Although interviewers are looking for natural responses to their questions, you need to be very careful when it comes to providing responses during an interview.

You may feel that you have answered the question perfectly, but are you sure the interviewer has heard your answer in the same way?

For example when they ask you a question what do you tend to focus on when answering?

If you focus on your strengths, skills and competencies, and make every attempt to explain how each of these skills will relate to the job role you are interviewing for…

The interviewer hears: good work ethic, good worker

If you focus on your hobbies and your spare time or you talk too much about your weekend swimming club…

The interviewer hears: more interested in down time and only works to eat

If you focus on your present employer and the role you currently do…

The interviewer hears: still attached to current employer and using us to gain a counter-offer from their boss

Sometimes without really think about it, we say far more than we think we have. During an interview almost all employers are continually asking themselves the same question over and over again; is employing this person going to be a good decision?

So next time you offer an answer try to structure a response that shows you as a benefit to their business.

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