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10 Top Tips for a successful interview

Examples: How to discuss salary, What should I wear? How early should I arrive?

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Here is our round-up of the 10 top tips to help you succeed in your interview.

  1. Focus on what you can do for the company and not what the company can do for you.
  2. Focus on your skills and experience that will make you a real benefit to the company straight away. No employers want to wait around for six months before they start seeing results!
  3. Look at yourself – do you walk talk and feel the part? If you don’t feel it there is very little chance the interviewer will. How you dress will contribute to a successful outcome – read our recent post for tips on dressing for an interview.
  4. Being liked is vital when making a good impression. Act confidently and friendly with good eye contact and a strong handshake. Always use lots and lots of smiles, people love happy people far more than miserable ones.
  5. Try to memorise your key messages about your skills and strengths and work on your 1-2 minute stories that highlight your relevance to the job ahead
  6. Don’t just talk for the sake of it. Being nervous can sometime lead to blurting out total irrelevant information or worse still; harmful information. Try to simply ask questions like: Would you like me to explain my experience in areas A or B
  7. Avoid at all costs bringing up negatives. Most employers wouldn’t want to feel that if ever you left you would speak negatively about them too. Unless you are trying to explain a negative that would eventually become known to your potential employer, try to always keep your comments professional.
  8. Don’t ask about wages and bonuses too soon. Try to avoid giving away any negotiating leverage until you have clearly shown your true value to the company. Read our recent post for more information on this subject.
  9. Try to always have short stories to tell about how you achieved your accomplishments and how this experience can benefit any future employer.
  10. Never leave an interview without asking about the next stage. When will a decision be made, will there be a second interview, is there anything else I can do.

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