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Have you ever thought about relocation?

That fantastic opportunity is not always on your doorstep. However, fear not - help is only a phone call away

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Relocation, in general terms can strike fear into most people’s minds with thoughts of losing friends, not knowing anyone and having to start all over again.

Well, statistics now show that across the UK only around 10% of us actually stay in the same area that we were born in. Think college, university, relationships and cost of housing. We all move around far more that we realise, so why not consider relocating for not only a better career opportunity, but also a better lifestyle.

Here are the key reasons why Inspired Selections candidates consider relocation – could this be you?

  • Cleaner air
  • Less stress
  • Closer to friends & family
  • Better education for children
  • More affordable housing
  • Increase in salary package
  • Improved career progression

Cleaner air

Imagine waking up and the birds are singing and you can hear the sound of water crashing against the rocks of the nearby beach or drinking coffee on your balcony while looking over at the beautiful English countryside just outside your window

Imagine taking a deep breath of fresh pollution-free air instead of the endless fumes from all the trucks, cars and motorbikes passing you by hour after hour. Why not consider thinking about yourself for a change and enjoying life in a smog free zone.

For details on vacancies in some really beautiful parts of the country speak to one of our relocation advisors now on 0121 778 6999

Less stress

Imagine not having to go to battle every morning on public transport, no standing, pushing, sweating as you make that journey to work. Imagine not feeling overwhelmed before you even start your day or dreading the one hour journey home even though its only three miles down the road.

For details on vacancies where you can arrive at work stress free speak to one of our relocation advisors now on 0121 778 6999

Closer to family

Yes, Relocation on occasion can mean moving away from family members, but in a lot of cases it can actually mean moving closer to family and friends.

What would it mean to you if you were to be able to call on your parents or retired family members to help you with childcare, or how would you feel about being able to invite friends and family down for the weekend now that you can afford a lovely detached cottage with a beautiful view instead of the cramped apartment with no spare room.

How would you feel knowing you and your children (or future children) can now play on the local beach or run around in wide open fields?

It is easy to get caught up in our “comfort zone” or our “this is my life now” attitude and not really open our eyes to a whole world of opportunities.

For details on vacancies that will not only change your career but also improve your life speak to one of our relocation advisors now on 0121 778 6999

Better education for your children

With class sizes growing bigger and bigger in many towns and cities teachers are not getting the opportunity to spend same level of time with each child as they were a few years back. This is not only having an effect on the child’s education but also their ability to find work when they leave education

Would you like to give your children a better future or at least the best chance possible? How about looking at the schools in another area. Often schools in areas with small populations have smaller classes allowing the teachers more quality time with your child.

Ever wondered what a more stress-free location with lots of fresh air and open spaces might do to the state of mind and development for your child to grow up in?

For details on vacancies in areas you feel would benefit not only you but also our future generations speak to one of our relocation advisors now on 0121 778 6999

More affordable housing

We all know how hard it is to not only get on the housing market but also pay the mortgage every month. Why not consider looking at areas of the UK that not only allow you more than a postage stamp size garden but also give you some spare money to actually live at the end of the month.

Although hard to believe, there are actually hundreds of vacancies across the UK offering highly competitive salary packages, access to bigger and better houses and all for lower mortgage payments, how’s that for a win-win!

For details on these vacancies and many more speak to one of our relocation advisors now on 0121 778 6999

Increased salary packages

Before we all focus on purely gaining a higher basic salary lets take a moment to also think about the daily cost of our present role.

  • Cost of travel
  • Cost of parking
  • Cost of time
  • Cost of health
  • Cost of life

When working out what we really earn you have to take into account all the different areas, for example many people easily spend £10 a day just getting to and from work, or around £20 a day parking their car. One candidate explained that it was costing her over £500 per month for a train pass meaning that the extra £5,000 per year salary she thought she gained at that location was in fact losing her £1,000 per year.

Ever thought about the “lost time”? The time you spend sitting on the train, tube, bus, car, etc. in many cases this can add up to over 500 hours per year. That’s 500 hours you can’t get back

Try working out your present hourly rate and times it by 500 – that’s a high cost to pay

Imagine if you could half that by moving to a less populated area where you could be home in ten minutes.

Supply and demand

Having said all of the above, salary packages still need to be good for companies to attract the right person and because the cities and large towns will always attract the majority of people it means that smaller (but possibly more attractive) locations are now offering very competitive packages to incentivise you to move.

This has resulted in many Inspired Selections candidates gaining between 20% to 50% salary increases as a result of relocating.

What would you do with the extra Pounds in your pocket?

For details on vacancies offering more than just a better salary package speak to one of our relocation advisors now on 0121 778 6999

Improved career progression

Many of us find ourselves in a situation where the only way we can progress in to wait for someone to leave. Even when that actually happens there are often another five people in line for the same role.

How do feel about looking at companies in areas where the opportunity to develop your career as well as progress through the ranks is based on your talent and not your number in the line.

For details on vacancies with development and progression opportunities speak to one of our relocation advisors now on 0121 778 6999