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About Inspired Selections

Helping candidates make the smart career move

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Being described as the biggest optical recruitment specialist, the number one optical recruitment agency and the place most likely to find the best jobs in Optics in almost every survey done over the last ten years could easily go to your head.

Although very proud of these accolades, we don’t see ourselves as “the best”, we see ourselves as an important part of the whole optical world.

So, what about the people who have found a job through Inspired Selections:

  • Our Candidates have received combined salaries of over £117 Million
  • Our Optometrists have conducted around 6 million eye tests
  • Our Qualified Dispensers have served around 25 million customers
  • Our Optical Assistants have sold around 12 million pairs of glasses
  • Based on an average dispense value of £150 that’s £1.8 Billion worth of sales!

Figured based on candidates from 2008 – 2016

Why do our candidates feel we are different?

  • Inspired is more than just a database
  • Inspired is more than just a website of jobs
  • Inspired is more than just a list of candidates waiting for a job

Candidate Registration

  • We use over 65 bespoke questions to ascertain a candidates true requirements – more than any other supplier
  • We have invested over £120,000 developing our state-of-art job search systems – more than any other supplier
  • We have sole supply agreements for vacancies for our candidates to gain access to – more than any other supplier

Vacancy search

  • We work with more clients than most of our competitors put together
  • We are the most successful supplier to both the multiple and the independent market
  • We have invested heavily in both our totally candidate driven website facility and a market leading job alert programme that has been helping the 15,000 people who have already signed up for regular updates on all the top jobs in their area.


  • Inspired knowledge bank with great advice on everything from interview techniques to how to hand in your notice
  • Dedicated consultants who really get to know their candidates and their dream job
  • Help with every stage of the job search process